Characteristics of An Aggressive or Violent Child

Your child has been acting out, but how do you know if he or she is aggressive with a propensity toward violence? Look for these characteristics of an aggressive or violent child:

  • Bullying (verbal and/or physical)
  • Name calling
  • Starting rumors
  • Physical aggression (like shoving, hitting or biting)
  • Angry outbursts
  • Manipulative behavior
  • Excluding others
  • Frequent, consistent arguing
  • Physical fights
  • Threats of physical harm

While every child may engage in some of this behavior at some time, a child headed down a path toward violence will exhibit more of these behaviors, and more frequently. If you think your child may be becoming more and more aggressive, begin by noting and recording how frequently they exhibit these behaviors and under what circumstance. If you think your child is overly aggressive or becoming more violent, it is important to address the behaviors as soon as possible before they escalate.

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Laurie Reid
Laurie Reid

Founder, Breaking the Cycle Consulting, Inc.

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